Fashion Month. Blerg.

I'm going to be mostly honest. This season has been pretty shit. And I never thought I would say this because fashion basically keeps me sane and entertained for a big portion of my life and it's free. I'm not paying to see all these shows online but there is just too damn much. I cannot keep up with all the shows. I haven't even looked at a quarter of the shows this month and some of the ones that I did I was just clicking the 'next' button to race to the final look.

Exceptions: Balenciaga. This is Alexander Wang's debut and it was surprisingly good. The jackets at the end were amaze, they looked like carpet from an art gallery lobby.

Stella McCartney was awful except for the shoes. Chloe was boring and there were some shitty looks too. Oh my god Givenchy was shit for me. The colours, the patterns, those printed sweatshirts he does EVERY SEASON. I get it, they sell really well, you're giving the customer what they want and it's paying off so what can I say really? Oh but did you read the review at Was it Nicole Phelps? Ugh, whoever it was totally came in their pants.
Viktor & Rolf was sad. They're a shell of their former selves much like Chalayan and JPG. V&R and Chalayan both started out roughly about the same time, Chalayan maybe a few years before but both to me are late 90's early 00's at their most awesome and now that they're older and tied in with business partnerships and licences and perfumes they've gotta sell. It's sad. They had the bow device which is something they've played with many times and built them into the clothes in a surrealist way but it's just so uninteresting now that they have a customer. Who would've thought that having customers would ruin your business?

Rodarte. Wow. So bad. I think it may have started well or had some pieces that were cool but a lot of it looked like the real results of creating something while high. You know that artist myth of like, yeah I create my work when I'm high, and then you expect this exceptionally creative object. No. If you did start out smoking weed and then did like a tiny little bit of meth then this collection is what would come out of your mind.

Acne-Amaze. Not that some of the tailoring techniques haven't been done before but it was all done so well that I don't care.

Celine-It's a Monet.

Comme Des Garcons- I liked it. I thought the models were wearing high-top shoes and was like, yay, has she ever done high-tops before? I don't remember her ever doing high-tops. This is a first. Goddess. But no. They were low tops with matching socks but the soles are just a little thick and give great silhouette.

Vivienne Westwood-I liked it but I thought a lot of it looked way too wearable and I know that a lot of her stuff is wearable anyway but this time it was like, let's style it so it looks a little off-kilter (much like Prada. I loved Prada but come on, the styling was terrible. Like, I know, I'll pull the straps down on this dress. So dishev'd) and I'm just catching up with myself.

And Raf at Dior? Idk. I'm not posting any images. Some of these shit shows just aren't worth the right click save. You can all look them up on