Op shops (or thrift stores) I think are really no different from a shop that sells new things. I think they're equally hit and miss and you can come away empty handed from either. The only real difference I note is with op shopping you have to be a little more patient and a little more determined. If a 'normal' shop has something amazing for sale they'll put it under the spotlight and you can just grab it and take it home where as  op shops have a knack for putting everything you don't want in their window. 

Below are some photos from two separate shopping trips I took with my friend Nick. One was at Savers in Greensborough and the other was Chapel Street Prahran (the alleged 'fashion street' of Melbourne). I'll start with Chapel Street. We went in to many shops but I didn't take a lot of photos because a lot of stuff was shit. But I did take photos of things I thought were INAPPROPRIATE. We went to the Chapel Street Bazaar which always has something you want but it is overpriced. 

Left: Is that a golliwog? Are these even legal? Inappropriate. Then there's me. I mean what the fuck is going on here. Nick recommended I try on the hat. The blanket I'm clutching was around $30. It was a great colour and had tassels but it also had a stain and three small rips in it so I left it there with the hat.  

Left: Seriously you guys! Stop it. Right: This just made me laugh. What is this even for? 

Okay now all the formatting of this post is fucked and it won't do what I want. Above left is a fan I got from an op shop. It needs to be fixed but it's in amaze condish. And me outside Topshop. It was good but a lot of it was poorly made. I decided to play it safe and just bought socks like some dad who's trying to be cool but really doesn't want to be. 

The next set of photos are from Savers in Greensborough which is always a treat because I laugh so much at all the ugly and amazing shit they sell. 

Below: Honestly I can say I'd wear these floral cork wedge slides. They're very all you can eat buffet. 


Left: I think those green ones are frayed denim with subtle jewel embellishment.

Okay this cardigan was giving me Joan Allen in The Ice Storm realness.

Above: Seven whole dollars for those! That's quite reasonable.

Above: Old dead Italian man shoes. 

Why bother with laces? Why bother with the effort of placing your foot into an entire shoe? The fuck would I know. You could wear these with pants and no one would know the difference.

More dead peoples clothes. I can't remember the waist measurement of these jeans but I think it was somewhere in the 50 inch category. 56 I think. Nick is loving it.

I told Nick that they were totally from a dead person and he asked how I thought they died. I guessed diabetes.

Princess Di. Timeless

Oh my god. This portrait is a needlepoint or whatever. That skin coloured blanket draped across her makes it look like she ripped out her uterus. Alluring rite?

And a portrait of Daniel Day Lewis.

Bye haters


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