Prabal Gurung Spring Summer 2013 Review

Above: Heaven. Below: Hell

What started out great at Prabal Gurung’s spring show-tailored suits with long, sheer, draped tops-quickly devolved into bad taste and poor judgement.
Overall the collection was fussy and lacked polish. I don’t know who his customer is. I don’t know who’s buying or wearing, say, a flounced layered dress with feathers or a predictable looking white dress with cut-out details. And the prints. I mean, fuck me with shards of glass the prints were bad. They were uninspiring, garish, and confusing. The worst offender was a matching blouse and pant with what appeared to be small blue flowers. I don’t know, digital prints like this have been done a thousand times and with more skill so why bother?
Prabal Gurung has some interesting ideas but I think the problem is that he has too many and crams them all into one show. This collection would’ve been much stronger had he left out the prints and the flounce and just focussed on layering. 


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