Dior Couture Fall 2012 Review

Yung n pruned

The fuck is this?

I had mixed feelings about this collection. While the entire front row collectively rubbed their clits and busted one out I wasn’t entirely hot for it. It just didn’t reach out and grab me or give me any fashion moments. I had an adrenalin rush a moment before I viewed the collection because it was going to be such a fashion moment but by the end of it I was left cold.

And it was so literal in design. It was one part Raf’s minimalism and one part Dior’s heyday. Some of the shapes were just ridiculous and I don’t mean the slightly outlandish shapes I mean the basic looking party dresses. It’s like he’s trying to say hey, couture can look just like ready-to-wear. So modern right?  And critics are like oh it’s streamlined, this is what couture needs.

The suits were the highlight. Simons appears to be in control when he does pants and a jacket but the dresses just didn’t gel. Couture is obviously bought by a thin slice of the female population and I just can’t imagine this type of woman wanting to wear a 40’s style gown but I’m not one of those women so at the end of the day I don’t really know and could be wrong.

Another issue I had was Simons’ inability to deal with tits. Every bust looked tortured and some even looked misshapen. I mean, he embraced the hips and worked in the classic Dior Bar jacket shape but when it came to the boobs it’s like he just couldn’t bring himself to accept that women have boobs so he flattened them out. It was weird.

The worst look was probably look 49. Kinga Rajzak wearing pants with a skirt over the top. Seriously, Demi did it better in 1989. The best look would be a tie between the first two looks. The shape of the first Bar jacket was perfect. The second jacket was a marvel in design. If you look at the lapel on the left from top to bottom, you’ll notice as you move your eye downwards the lapel slowly disappears. Fucking couture! How does it work?

Look at all the fucks this bitch gave


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