Christian Dior Fall 2012 Review

Fashion is a business and just because Dior is without a star designer doesn't mean they close up shop until they find one. The show must go on and it's disappointing to see Dior put into this strange design limbo where it is quite obvious that the current head designer Bill Gaytten has been instructed to design pretty, clean, saleable clothes. On the other hand, the clothes were so mind-numbingly boring that they're acting like a palate cleanser for the brand because the memory of John Galliano is something the executives at Dior are intent on erasing. So what better way to do that than have lovely belted tunics over pleated silk skirts? It was a fashion sedative. Hopefully by the end of fashion week Dior will have announced their new designer because collections like this don't belong on a runway in Paris.  


la Vinia said...

Right, that's totally boring. They're just clothes without a soul (and even worse, expensive clothes without a soul!)

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