Givenchy Men's Fall 2012 Review

The men's shows have come to an end and pre-fall collections are STILL trickling in and couture week is just around the corner. I don't normally review men's shows because I don't keep as close an eye on them as I do the women's shows. This probably explains why I dress so awfully.

The main take away from the men's shows would have to be the suit which I find odd because so few men wear suits seriously or in a way that designers would like them to. Everybody blew their load over Prada's take on power dressing and Givenchy's steady evolution of dark aggressive sexuality. What interests me most about Givenchy is that Riccardo Tisci has founded a look that is all his own and people want to buy it which I think is extraordinary for a luxury menswear brand. I find with most men's collections I see things here and there that I like but they don't equate to any brand or designer identity. You could show me a Gucci jacket and one by Hermes and I would fail to see any distinction. But with Givenchy there's the digital prints, the star motif traced from shoulder to shoulder, or the loose sportswear shapes.  It may not be the most innovative or the most radical clothing but the collections are selling out and I think it's thanks to the casual, sports elements he adds. If Tisci has found a winning formula-and he clearly has-why are so many other designers heralding the return of the suit?

Absolutely Fabulous Season Six Fashion Re-cap

I fucking love Absolutely Fabulous. When I was a teenager I used to record every episode on to video cassette (fuck I'm old) and watch them religiously and marveling at the clothes. Every time Edina dropped a fashion name like Christian Lacroix, Nicole Farhi or Moschino I had no idea who or what she was talking about. Now that I'm somewhat wiser most of the fashion brands featured in the series make it even funnier. 

So now there's season six. I don't know if it really counts as a season being only 3 episodes though but I and many other faggots around the globe are like fuck yeah drugs booze fashion. 

So far the first two episodes have aired and I have not been able to pick out what Edina (or Patsy, Bubble, Catriona etc) is wearing. SO I'm putting a giant faggy distress signal out on the web to all fashion geeks to help fill the gaps and tell me what these hot bitches are wearing. Help a bitch out.

 Above: Classic 80's Frankie Says Relax t-shirt. Eddie later wears a Choose Life t-shirt as well

 Above: Denim on denim is quite on-trend.

Left: Celine Spring/Summer 2011. Right: Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2011

 Above: Pats, no! And Eddie wearing what? Vintage Issey Miyake? 

 Above: Patsy gives the shoulder cut-outs a go. Very Balenciaga fall 2008.

Above: This is the only look I could work out thanks to the fact that Eddie's jersey dress is printed with the fuckin label: Bodymap (that's right, vintage Bodymap WITH hat. Flawless. And on the right we have Pats in a Chanel tweed jacket.