Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2012 Review

The collection started out with clean whites and aquatic blues. Very fresh, very sporty. Up close you could see sports mesh inserts traced with embroidered curlicues which softened the clothes making them ever so slightly strange-in a good way.
The silhouette was slightly boxy thanks to an absence of belts. In fact there was no ornamentation at all, the clothes with their corded curls and bold micro prints were enough without the need for extra junk. The boxy shapes continued with pyjama shirts (a trend that's been rearing it's dubious head in a smattering of collections for the past 3 seasons) and McCartney's signature tailored jackets this time done with beautifully curved lapels and plenty of swing.
What resonated most was that despite the curves and the embroideries it all looked straight forward and easy to wear. The collection wasn't brimming with ideas but there were enough to make it one of the best of the season. 


Taj said...

Stella shocks me every single season!I always expect to hate it (idk why)but i ALWAYS love it! and this is no diff! those shades need to be mine like RIGHT NAO!!!

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