Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 Review

The theme for Givenchy's latest collection was-according to head designer Riccardo Tisci-about a surfer who falls in love with a mermaid. For someone who usually does dark, romantic and gothic clothes I was thrown off a bit. I guess he's taking a mental vacation and lightening up a bit. Maybe even smoking some weed on a tropical beach gave him some ideas. 
Though this collection is beautiful it failed to spark my interest. There was a strong focus on tailoring but many of the clothes were too rigid and looked like they belonged on mannequins rather than models or real people. Some of the shapes, like rippling waves of fabric overwhelmed the models and splayed out at odd and unflattering angles. Unflattering would have to be the major fault of this show due the the wide cuts used on so many looks. The worst look was on Fei Fei Sun, a silver sequined mess that made her look about 20kg overweight. 


Anonymous said...

This collection reminded me of big flappy baginas...

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