Baby Posh

Seriously you guys, Victoria Beckham's baby has barely crawled out of her fujitsu and she's already more stylish than I could ever hope to be. Ugh, is she wearing a Vivienne Westwood burlap wrap? Or is it a peasant cape by Undercover? 
Well, it's still spring in Australia and it's already 33 degrees (that's about 91 degrees for those in the US. Pff, look at me, catering to the total of about five people that read my blog. Deluded on line one.). So yeah, I'm sweating like a whore in church and it's like, what the fuck am I supposed to wear this summer? Tulle? A mesh skort? I'm just gonna end up in an artfully draped linen sheet and Roman sandals for the next 5 fucking months. It's going to be epic. 


Michele said...

Every time I see that baby it just cracks me up. Because it's like three months old or something? And like you said looks so fucking stylish. Too small, too cute. It's like the latest it-bag HAHAHAH

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