Maison Martin Margiela Spring Summer 2012 Review

What surprises me most about Maison Martin Margiela isn't the avant garde aspect-though fucking amazing-but the fact that seasons after the designer retired is that the design team keeps things chugging along. Spring 2012 was no exception and some people might strongly disagree with this statement but it's like he never left.
The first look, a silk dress in silver, appeared so loosely constructed that the model had to hold part of it for the sake of modesty. It was like she'd been kidnapped from her bed and had been forced to walk in a runway show. The first few looks explored this idea of being undone, haphazard, or rushed. There were straight skirts with fitted beige shell tops that had an upholstered look about them. The most interesting looks were the trio of outfits that were printed to look like Persian rugs. They were topped with clear plastic wraps as if ready to be put into a shipping container for export. There were shapeless white tops that fell a bit flat and a series of tailored suits closed the show. They were a little disappointing but one jacket in particular, a navy blue double breasted jacket with brass buttons was a knockout.


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