Jean Paul Gaultier Spring Summer 2012 Review

Was Gaultier’s spring collection youthful or did it just look that way when worn by 18 year old models? There were cute bunchy knickerbocker shorts, tops with wide cotton sleeves rolled up, tattoo tights, slouchy military jackets in peach and cobalt blue, giant bronze feather earrings curved into hoops and a naughty section of corsetry and underwear. There were dresses with snoods and head wraps that were reminiscent of the work of Valentina Schlee, an American designer from the 30’s and 40’s.
The models came out with little numbered cards just like they did in the old days. Gimmicky? Sure, but it’s JPG and he pulled it off. Watching the video, it looks like a real fashion show. It didn’t appear organised to a tee which was refreshing. Fashion shows are becoming too slick and generic these days but this show looked like maybe something from the 90’s. Karlie Kloss opened the show and you can see her waiting to walk out and there’s a bit of confusion until Gaultier gives her the okay to walk. It’s awesome and I recommend you watch the video. Emina Cunmulaj fucking nailed it on the runway and gets a special mention (skip to 0:46 of video two).


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