Isabel Marant Spring Summer 2012 Review

Isabel Marant's latest collection was a mixed bag. There were craftsy hand knit tops that (as a crude assumption) had a Peruvian feel to them. She mixed this with straight up American sportswear, something that was looked at by Marant only a couple of seasons ago. Those matchstick jeans that are a Marant staple were back, this time in red tie dye. I vom'd.
Model Dewi Driegen (who I've not seen on the catwalk for a few years now) made a comeback. Unfortunately she wore what is undoubtedly one of the ugliest patchwork dresses I've seen in recent memory. The patchwork frenzy continued on t-shirts, jeans and a parka. It's just like, stop it.
The knitwear was the strongest in the show and possibly the best this season. It was like they were made in Paris and then sent to a mountainous region of Vietnam or something to get jazzed up and sent back.
Even though there were some rather unfortunate looks in this show there was still fuckloads of stuff that would make even the most bitter, hardened critic be like oh fuck it, I need a Rajasthani embroidered vest. Isabel Marant falls neatly into that category of designers (such as Marni) who don't often push the envelope or do an about face each season but their clothes make you feel something. Even if it's just consumerist lust it's still something and a lot of designers would kill to have such a loyal fan base who return season after season and keep cash registers ticking over.


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