Gareth Pugh Spring Summer 2012 Review

If you’ve been following Gareth Pugh’s collections since his early days in London (which weren’t that long ago) you’ll no doubt have noticed how polished and refined his collections have become since decamping to Paris and getting a cash injection from LVMH. He’s striking a perfect balance between commercial and avant garde doing his darndest to please both fashionistas and buyers alike. And he’s succeeding.
Initially I shat on the collection but let it sink in for a while, looked at detail shots, watched the runway video and then ended up liking it very much.
Things I didn’t like: His penchant for handkerchief point dresses. You can create movement without reverting to such an awful cut. The black and white graphic print that lined one of his jackets. It looks like something from MS Paint, not high fashion. The asymmetric cut jackets. It’s just so unfashionable and is like a school project. Ooh I’m so avant garde I cut things on angles!
I thought the fibreglass helmets were powerful and beautifully made thanks to a collaboration with Phillip Treacy. The inflatable elements add such an interesting dimension to the clothes and I implore you to watch the video because the movement is astounding (I know ur probs thinking oh here he goes off on a fashion wank-fest but I’m serious you guiz).


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