Comme Des Garcons Spring Summer 2012 Review

 Above: My favourite look from the show

I think there were a lot of big ideas in Rei Kawakubo's spring Comme Des Garcons collection. Birth, death, tradition, feminism. These were things that I saw and aren't necessarily correct.
Giant cream puff interpretations of dresses with giant sleeves were shown throughout. Depending on what part of the world you live in would change your perception of their meaning. Were the giant sleeves a reference to Japanese kimono, funeral clothes or Western wedding gowns? The model's hands were bound with giant silk bows. Are women chained to outdated subservient roles? The giant Elizabethan hoops were like a form of imprisonment back in the day, stopping women from doing anything other than needlework by the fireplace. And those giant sleeves even in an un-bound form would still stop you from doing your normal daily activities and leave you house-bound.


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