Balenciaga Spring Summer 2012 Review

I think you need to watch the vid on Youtube. 

The cut, the proportion. FLAWLESS (jsyk it’s my new favourite word. Deal with it) The bangles. They looked like a sectional-like slice from a sweatshirt cuff. Weeeeeird!!!! The wide shoulders with the tops tucked in to micro shorts. But the shorts didn’t look whorey like coochie cutters they were cut to float around the body. And that was the major takeaway from this collection. The last set of dresses were unbelievable. You need to watch the video because looking at the pictures and then looking at the dresses moving is so, so different (obviously. Fuck I'm retarded). This is real fashion. I think Ghesquiere’s last two collections have been a tad bumpy (I liked them but they were a bit flat) but this has restored my faith in hot French designers. Fuck I want his babies soooo badddd.


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