Zac Posen Spring Summer 2012

Nice. Pretty.  

Holy fuck. On the left we've got tit soup, in the middle it's the ghost of Carolina Herrera on the right, lumpy grey sad dress. 

Mauled by dogs. It's a look now.

Remember when Zac Posen decamped to Paris because no one in New York ‘understood’ his clothes? Turns out the French didn’t either so Posen has decided to give America a second chance. I’m sure Sally Singer has sent Posen a heartfelt thank you letter. I just don’t get Posen’s collections. The show opened with some neat little skirt suits and they were pleasant enough which set the tone for the whole collection. Most everything was just nice enough. I feel like Posen is on auto-pilot which may be good for his regular clients but does he really need a runway show at fashion week? He’s more dressmaker than designer.


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