Victoria Beckham Spring Summer 2012

Girl has to work hard to erase the memory of her Spice Girls days and her initial introduction to the United States back when she had that reality show did her no favours. It’s that dumb, rich celebrity persona that she’s slowly chipping away at. It’s far from gone. People are still incredulous that Beckham wants to be taken seriously and perhaps she made her bed and should lie in it. But she’s not wailing about it. There’s no People magazine cover with Beckham pleading to be taken seriously.

Her collections are great. They’re not ground breaking. She’s not reinventing the skort-which is a shame- but everything is so well made and luxurious that you just want it all. The only problem is that she has to be so careful and restrained with her collections otherwise she’ll be ridiculed. Like the Olsen twins, Beckham has lived the celebrity life. Parties, premieres, red carpet events etc so she’s worn and owns a lot of designer clothes. To discount her knowledge of fashion is ignorant. She’s not a Parsons graduate but it’s obvious she has an understanding of fabric, colour and silhouette. And it’s her conviction to keep going that I admire too. And again, I refer you to the J-Lo collection as an example of how bad it could’ve been.

I rest my fucking case


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