Versace Spring Summer 2012 Review

It was business as usual for Donatella Versace. The collection was on-trend and had plenty of typical Versace touches : loud prints, sexy business attire that I’m fairly certain could only be pulled off at a Versace board meeting, pastels, and super jumbo stripper-approved Lucite heels. The high-waisted pencil skirt with crop top was here and has shown up in other designers shows too which editorially would look great but in real life probably not. But Versace isn’t for real life. It’s for Hollywood, for Jennifer Lopez music videos. (I’ve been shitting on J-Lo a lot lately, what’s with that?)
 There were pastel ocean prints with studded shells and seahorses. There were also many dresses that had layered and draped pieces of silk worked into them. Some of these looks were more successful than others. Flat gold studs were used to trace out the figure in a lattice design. Sometimes this veered into overkill perhaps out of fear that without them the dresses would’ve looked boring. I think it would’ve been cool if she’d left the studs out and let people appreciate the tailoring because it’s perfect. Oh and Lindsey Wixon fell over and sprained her ankle. Not perfect.



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