The Row spring summer 2012 Review

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have been quietly working away at their label The Row for a few seasons now. They've managed to weather the judgement and the eye-rolling from when they first debuted five years ago. The judgement being that actors can't design clothes is somewhat fairly deserved. If you've ever seen a Jennifer Lopez collection then you'll know what I mean.
For spring 2012 the girls have become more adventurous. With their previous collections they were building up a wardrobe of 'perfect' items. The perfect t-shirt, the perfect pea coat. You can only do this for so long until you run out of staples and then you're making the perfect low rise hipster flare or the perfect spats.
With a Japanese theme they worked through wide leg trousers, obi belts, then on to not so subtle Chinese chi pao inspired tops and a minimalist 90's feel with layering.
Though the collection is beautiful and a bold step into real design the Celine influence is overwhelming whether they realise it or not. The tassel scarf, the white, the wide leg pants and the Japanese influence.

Celine spring summer 2011. 

From the Jennifer Lopez collection. Not pictured: Your dignity.


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