Prada Spring Summer 2012 Review

 It's a fun and light shoe but I'm not impressed
 Icecream pleated skirts. Yes
 Ugh, no. We've been here before Miuccia
No. I can't even.

What’s to say really? Just more of the same. Her last spring/summer collection was well received and deservedly so but this collection fell back into typical Miuccia. The current fall collection question asks what is sexy? And this spring collection asks what is sweet? The shoes were ugly. I’m a little bored with how she thinks she’s pushing taste boundaries and being all like what is chic and what is tacky? So she can turn around and be like it was my intention to make the shoes ugly and you're the one with the problem. Whatever bitch. A spade is an ugly Prada heel with leather flame appliqué. Jeremy Scott did the exact same thing this season as well but it works for him. With Miuccia it’s like she thinks she’s being really controversial. Ugh. She’s makin me mad.
 From a construction point of view some of these pieces won’t cost more than a few dollars to make. Like those elasticated bandeaus and skirts. It’s not rocket science. If a skirt cost $10 to make and they charge what, $600 for a skirt? You do the math (because I suck at math). I know I'm missing the point when it comes to price points etc and I've defended her before about this but you have to wonder is it inspired design or cost cutting?  And can she stop bedazzling stuff? It doesn’t add anything to the clothes. It seems like such an afterthought to try and add value or a sense of workmanship.


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