Narciso Rodriguez Spring Summer 2012

 No. Yes. Yes

No. No. Fuck me dead, no.

Rodriguez has really pushed himself into new territory this season. Regular, love you long-time customers will probably be perplexed but Rodriguez is long overdue for something new. Was he trying something new because he felt genuinely inspired or was it simply trend-driven? It was pastel colour blocking and tricky draping-too tricky at times.
Some of the pieces looked over- designed and recalled the work of Helmut Lang and Balenciaga. The jackets didn’t work. They were strong in the shoulder then fell straight and low and swishy. Extremely unflattering. Look at a Stella McCartney collection if you want to see a well constructed oversize tailored jacket. Despite the tricksy construction the collection was concise with just 30 looks. It’s such a drag when designers like Michael Kors show 60+ looks because if you don’t get your message across after 30 looks then you’re clutching at straws. The pants were strong and some of best I’ve seen so far (Karen Walker's pants were great too but they always are).

Karen Walker gives good pant.


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