Mary Katrantzou Spring Summer 2012 Review

Trying to prove that she’s not a one trick print pony Mary Katrantzou pushed her craft further this season with some cool result. Just because she’s doing prints doesn’t mean that she needs to do streamlined, unobstructed shapes that show those prints to their best advantage. The opening look was strong. It was a sleeveless mini dress with a crew neck done in a painterly, abstract red, white and black print. At one side of the hem there was a trail of silk-like fabric with the same print. It was quite pretty. Then a trio of similar looks rolled out with longer trails of printed silk. The colours were bright, punchy and the silhouette was sex.
The prints were pretty amaze. I couldn’t even make out what most of them were and it annoyed me- in a good way. I saw a duck and I saw a bubble that had a man sitting on a bench in a garden. That sounds like I’m describing an acid trip.
Katrantzou took the printing further by employing different fabrics rather than just silk. There was a woven jacquard-ish looking fabric and there were knit pieces as well that from afar look like a print but up close, no, they were knits. There was also a plastic-like fabric that looked like tablecloth fabric you’d buy off the roll from Spotlight. It was good. It’s so hard to tell what she’s manipulating so to her credit she’s stepping shit up and it’s like you are fucking amazing let’s make babies. We’ll have twins and name them Freja Beha Erichsen-No-Trends- Katrantzou and Kelly Mittendorf-No-Trends-Katrantzou.

This baby looks like she had a stroke or suffers from mild aspergers.

Baby has chemo written all over her. Or is that tribal do-rag just a cover for the male pattern baldness she inherited from me? Either way the colours are so on-trend for spring 2012.

Umm, maybe I'll hold off on the baby talk. Anyway, isn't Kelly Mittendorf like 12 or something? Statutory rape is so off-trend. 

If you're not familiar with Patrice from 30 Rock then you need to pick up your face girl


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