Jason Wu Spring Summer 2012 Review

Srsly tho, what's with the ruffles? 

Jizzing right now. 

I don't know what went wrong at Jason Wu this season but something just didn't gel. Maybe it was the pretty yet rather boring theme of the whole show. There were delicate petal prints, sleeveless shirts with bold graphic plackets and an overabundance of ruffles that looked better suited to a queen size bed, not a swingy little jacket for day. 
There was a vague effort to bring a street/sport vibe to the collection with a couple of rubberised jackets but they were too obvious. Like, oh, look at me in my $5,000 shirt dress-dramatic pause-with a sporty raincoat thrown in! I'm so street. I'm so New York. No Mr Wu. 

Despite all the Michelle Obama-ready sleeveless tops and prints there was one knock-out skirt (or is it a dress?). A full skirt in possibly some type of grey linen was unreal. Look at the way each fold softly curves! The cut is ingenious and this is why Wu is so talented. It just looks so easy yet it's a small feat in engineering.  


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