Emilio Pucci Spring Summer 2012 Review

Couture-grade, fantasy wank, slut clothes. With collections like this, having an eating disorder is a prerequisite. If you want thinspo then look no further. I see the appeal of this collection as a whole but once you break down each look it’s all very 90’s boho, peasanty, Matthew Williamson. I mean really. Remove yourself from the hype and some of the clothes aren’t that great. But some of them are. Abbey Lee looked like a goth Barbie. Joan Smalls looked dressy and sexy in a tailored jacket that was cut to expose the hip. It looks infinitely better than it sounds I promise you. As well as Salvatore Ferragamo, Dundas makes a very convincing argument for fashion victims to stop wearing platform shoes. Sandals are finally looking fresh again after what, five or six years of platform domination?


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