Christopher Kane Spring Summer 2012 Review

 Above centre: look 5. No.

I don’t know about this collection. Couture meets sports. Americans have been doing this for years. I loved his earlier stuff because it looked more experimental and now that he’s a got a following I’m gonna take a stab and say he’s trying to be more commercial and tone down the crazy a bit. But he’s always been fairly commercial anyway so maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about.
 As far as first looks go the collection is simple. I know that it’s not upon closer inspection but I think it still looks basic and well, boring. The 60’s shapes were a snooze. There were nice cuts thanks to some expert pattern making and they fit quite nicely with what other designers such as Prabal Gurung are doing. There were plenty of splits and slices but it was all too rigid and looked uncomfortable to wear.
The knitwear. No. The fit was terrible and why would anyone buy this when they can get something similar from an op shop for a dollar? If it’s knit from the tears of an arctic fox then I’ll make an exception, otherwise it’s just merino wool cricket attire.
I love the ideas in this collection what I don’t like is the execution. There were flowers that looked like giant stickers and they were rimmed in reflective silver, just like something you’d find at a stationery shop. The sandals were amazing. Like high fashion tourist slides, perfect for the beach and then buying cheap cocktails that get served in a bucket and then you drink too much and then someone offers you drugs and you’re all like well I am on holiday so I should live a little so you do and then you wake up in a urine-soaked hammock on the beach. Potentially awkward but you've got your Christopher Kane slides so whatever fuck you.

Look five is one of the ugliest jackets I’ve seen. There was the double split skirt which has popped up in a few collections and I loved it. Then it got all old school 50’s couture with Swarovski crystals. Meh. Took 45 hours to bead that top? Meh. And the oversized lapel-like shapes. Blargh. Do not want. Any woman with tits can cross that off their list. Fingers crossed Jade Parfitt will be on hand to slink into it. I just don’t know. I think I need to let this one simmer a bit more because there’s potential that in a month I’ll take back everything bad I said about it and then brand it a triumph.


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