Calvin Klein Collection Spring Summer 2012

 Above from left: Look 2, 13, 6
Above centre: My forehead doppleganger 10-head Hanne

If you’ve never seen The September Issue then I implore you to buy it, steal it whatever immediately. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to Anna Wintour unless you like stalking and wearing night-vision goggles. I wonder if La Croix does night-vision? So there’s this scene where all the Vogue people are sitting around a table discussing the collections and someone is like “Calvin Klein?” and Andre Leon Talley replies “too clinical” and everyone cackles. And on Wednesdays we wear pink! Gretchen Leon Talley Weiners had a point though. For seasons now Francisco Costa has been so aggressively precise with cuts and fabric technology that the clothes lacked a human touch and looked odd on the models.
Sooooo for spring/summer Costa has lightened up. Maybe he’s smoked a bit of weed and realised he’s not dressing Rosie from the Jetsons. There were plenty of soft edges and a focus on bewbs and curves. It wasn’t like bustiers or anything ridiculous. Costa is way too smart for that kind of stuff. Look 2, 6 and 13 are perfect. There was a lot of Blushy/peachy/apricoty/nudy colours throughout which were a bit, I dunno, nauseating? But the clothes mostly made up for that especially the jackets and some of the dresses with camisole-like detailing were-dun-dun bullshit over-used fashion word approaching-fresh. Also, are spaghetti straps a thing now? Andre?


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