Rei Kawakubo Interview at WSJ

Can you imagine being able to interview Rei Kawakubo? I'd be like what are your thoughts on nylon taffeta? Then she'd be like あなたは誰ですか then I'd be like umm this is super awkward, just sign my tits and I'll leave. 

The Wall Street Journal have an interview with Rei K (that's my rap name for her. Reezy is also acceptable).
You must read it so click clack it up

HOWEVER the following quote is like what?

I don't feel too excited about fashion today, more fearful that people don't necessarily want or need strong new clothes, that there are not enough of us believing in the same thing, that there is a kind of burnout, that people just want cheap fast clothes and are happy to look like everyone else, that the flame of creation has gone a bit cold, that enthusiasm and passionate anger for change and rattling the status quo is weakening.

I love this woman. She’s a creative genius but gahhhh. You’re sounding old homegirl. This belief from older designers that the younger generation don’t care about fashion is just wrong. People don’t just want cheap fast clothes and who in avant garde hell is happy to look like everyone else?

Babby Rei in Paris 1987. Can you imagine? Like really being there backstage in 87. If I was that model I'd place my hand on Rei's, turn my head, look wistfully into her eyes and whisper goddess. Then security would escort me off the premises. 

It’s an otherwise interesting and very rare interview (her last portrait was done in 2004) but Rei, babes, the flame of creation is not dead. For your perusal, a list of talented young designers who are pushing the boundaries of fashion...

Michael van der Ham. Proving that London is still a hotbed of creativity Ham’s reconstructed outfits can even be attributed to the work of Kawakubo.
A look by Michael van der Ham

Rodarte-From the land of sportswear Rodarte go against the grain and produce collections full of ideas and macabre romance. There is nothing cheap or fast about a Rodarte dress.

Sandra Backlund-Avant garde knitwear designer. This bitch is fucking crazy talented.

Camilla Skovgaard. While Christian Louboutin battles it out with YSL in court over YSL's use of the colour red on the sole of one of their shoes you've got Camilla Skovgaard doing what a shoe designer should be doing: designing outrageously hot shoes.


Michele said...

Hahah 'Reezy'! I kind of agree with her though, especially when looking at fashun blawgs nowadays. It just seems like a bunch of mindless H&M drones are writing them, not really caring about the content, or sometimes taking the risk of making a STATEMENT and being ORIGINAL (excuse the caps). I really liked your thoughts on my post on the whole 'Lara Stone is fat' issue. You blog is awesome and I love your writing! X

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