Gay For Grey

I wish I was straight just so I could go gay for grey. Then I'd stay gay coz gay sex is hot. A few months back I posted about my obsession for grey and it seems I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I used an image of this mentally sound woman below as my crazy barometer and I think I've joined her rank.

Just chillin on my cream leather lounge suite in my hand-knitted wool jumpsuit. Whatevs.


Just to clear things up: This is not a look. Strictly blogging purposes only. This is all the junk I've been buying this winter. The shoes I'm saving for summer, the pants I got over a year ago from an op shop, the bag is by Herschel (which ps cost me $80 from Revolve Clothing and is $150 on Asos. What a mark-up) So yeah I kinda need some colour in my wardrobe before I start looking like some eccentric rapist. Oh and my room is a fucking mess right? Yeah I don't care.

Other things of note. I got some books last month. Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty and 100 Dresses. The McQueen book is Regina George flawless and 100 Dresses is good too. My September issue of Aussie Harpers arrived too. Meh. Oh and not pictured is Tina Fey's Bossypants whom without there would be no Regina George.

lol. colour


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