War of the Visors

Sounds like a battle between two old Korean women over who has the biggest sun visor. Srsly u guys, old Korean women have a thing for giant sun visors and perms. It's hot like fyah. Trust. I'll try and google something up for your viewing pleasure.

Seeing that resort is shaping up to be sports and swimwear centric we have a style battle between Balenciaga and Givenchy who both featured visors. I vaguely remember visors being quite fashionable in the late 90's. And when I say fashionable I mean wearing one to an outdoor rave, dancing to drum and bass and trippin balls.

Let the battle begin.


After careful consideration I'm gonna go with Balenciaga. The Givenchy looks are flawless and tough as nails but I don't know, there's something about the Balenciaga girls that seems to say 'I keep razor blades in my weave' which is weird because Givenchy have a tougher look. 

See. What did I tell you?
[image via vivianlostinseoul]


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