She Said What?

Marc Jacobs on critics:

"You are dealing with a whole lot of highly sensitive people who [will react] depending on their mood and how they’re feeling that day or what they did or didn’t eat for lunch. I have no problem going on record with this and probably have gone on record with this before, there aren’t that many people who I respect. There just aren’t. I think journalists have the right to their opinions but I think their opinions should be based on history and what they see, not what they feel, how long they’ve been waiting or whether it’s raining or it’s snowing or whatever."

Grrr. He's kinda right but I think disparaging of journalists and the work that they do. Jacobs has been bitten by journalists before so I can understand why he'd say this. Back in 2007 Jacobs' spring/summer 2008 show started a whopping 2 hours late. Journalist Suzy Menkes wasn't happy and she verbally took a dump on the collection.

The entire event was a parody of fashion now: the inexcusably late start as the 9 p.m. show began at 11 p.m.; the mobs of paparazzi snapping anyone half-known on the big or small screen; invitees treating the show like the ultimate party, although the whistles and roars turned to a whimper by the end. And in Jacobs’s Alice in Wonderland world, the end was at the beginning, as the designer ran out whooping while the parade of models marched in reverse order down the catwalk. (Martin Margiela first did this more than a decade ago).

Bitchy right?

Stefano Pilati on bloggers:

“I pay attention to all of them and I’m very scared … because who are these people? I would like to sit with them and ask them where they come from. Because it’s very easy to judge from your bed. At the same time, I’m fascinated. I’m fascinated by this era and this medium. If people are thirsty about fashion, I like to have a dialogue, but now it’s not a two-way dialogue; it’s a one-way dialogue.”

Stefano, babes, hit me up. Coffee? Dinner? Raunchy Manhunt hook-up? If he wants to sit with me and chat about fashion then I'm wide every sense of the word. Bloggers aren't scary. I mean, I've posted some rather choice words about collections and I've posted images of myself that may cause grown men to scream but it's mostly in jest. I'm not intentionally scary. Not like this bitch...



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