John Galliano Trial

Galliano just had his trial today. Major sads.

Taken from The Telegraph:

In softly spoken tones, Mr Galliano said he was pushed to the edge by a "billion dollar business" and "moneymaking machine" that Dior and his own Galliano brand had become. As he battled to meet the demands of his "two children," he increasingly turned to drink, the court heard.
"I would crash after every creative high, and the alcohol would help me to escape." His solace came in a triple cocktail of "sleeping pills, alcohol and Valium", but, he insisted, no illegal drugs.

Plaintiff Geraldine Bloch is seeking just one euro in compensation on moral grounds. "What we are after is an expression of regret and excuses for what has happened," her lawyer said on the courthouse steps before entering for the trial.


Her fellow plaintiff and boyfriend, Philippe Virgitti, is pursuing compensation of 220,000 euros on the basis of "moral damage." His lawyer said, pre-trial: "Unfortunately Mr. Galliano doesn't seem to have a code of honor, so my client feels the only way to reach him is through his wallet."

How restrained. The girlfriend wants one euro and the boyfriend wants 220,000 euros? It's like yeah I'm not after money but my boyfriend? Well that's up to him. Bitch please. Once you get that cash you'll probably spend it at Dior.

Also, can I just say, what's the deal with court sketches? I have no doubt that there's a logical explanation why they do them and why they're done in that bizarre, oh I don't know, Montessori, My Left Foot art school  style but John got screwed.

What in the Pirates Of The Caribbean Disney's Hook hell is this? Girl needs to fix her weave.


chuck n. said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, you're legit hilarrrrrrrrr!

you and your gifs fucking kill me!

that boyfriend is a bloody cheap mofo. like seriously, where's the moral sense in demanding money from someone on the basis of moral damage. hypocrisy much?

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