John Galliano Trial

Galliano just had his trial today. Major sads.

Taken from The Telegraph:

In softly spoken tones, Mr Galliano said he was pushed to the edge by a "billion dollar business" and "moneymaking machine" that Dior and his own Galliano brand had become. As he battled to meet the demands of his "two children," he increasingly turned to drink, the court heard.
"I would crash after every creative high, and the alcohol would help me to escape." His solace came in a triple cocktail of "sleeping pills, alcohol and Valium", but, he insisted, no illegal drugs.

Plaintiff Geraldine Bloch is seeking just one euro in compensation on moral grounds. "What we are after is an expression of regret and excuses for what has happened," her lawyer said on the courthouse steps before entering for the trial.


Her fellow plaintiff and boyfriend, Philippe Virgitti, is pursuing compensation of 220,000 euros on the basis of "moral damage." His lawyer said, pre-trial: "Unfortunately Mr. Galliano doesn't seem to have a code of honor, so my client feels the only way to reach him is through his wallet."

How restrained. The girlfriend wants one euro and the boyfriend wants 220,000 euros? It's like yeah I'm not after money but my boyfriend? Well that's up to him. Bitch please. Once you get that cash you'll probably spend it at Dior.

Also, can I just say, what's the deal with court sketches? I have no doubt that there's a logical explanation why they do them and why they're done in that bizarre, oh I don't know, Montessori, My Left Foot art school  style but John got screwed.

What in the Pirates Of The Caribbean Disney's Hook hell is this? Girl needs to fix her weave.

War of the Visors

Sounds like a battle between two old Korean women over who has the biggest sun visor. Srsly u guys, old Korean women have a thing for giant sun visors and perms. It's hot like fyah. Trust. I'll try and google something up for your viewing pleasure.

Seeing that resort is shaping up to be sports and swimwear centric we have a style battle between Balenciaga and Givenchy who both featured visors. I vaguely remember visors being quite fashionable in the late 90's. And when I say fashionable I mean wearing one to an outdoor rave, dancing to drum and bass and trippin balls.

Let the battle begin.


After careful consideration I'm gonna go with Balenciaga. The Givenchy looks are flawless and tough as nails but I don't know, there's something about the Balenciaga girls that seems to say 'I keep razor blades in my weave' which is weird because Givenchy have a tougher look. 

See. What did I tell you?
[image via vivianlostinseoul]

*sing* Under da sea

The resort collections for 2012 have been quite hilarious. It's like, okay we get it, it's summer so we should be at the beach but whaddya want me to do, wear scuba gear? Fuck yes say a dick-load of designers. 

Ursula. Clearly excited by resort 2012

The whole time I was shopping these images I had that crab Sebastian from The Little Mermaid singing Under The Sea stuck in my head.
Under the seeeeeea

Under the seeeeeeea

Under the sea something you and me under the sea

I'm certain those are the lyrics. Ariel would be proud. 

First up...McQ, the Alexander McQueen diffusion line

Alexander Wangs urban sporty swimwear awesomeness

And Stefano Pilati did rope printed skirts and anchor charms. You want these clothes? Well stay away from the buffet when your on that cruise ship yo. 

New Shoes! (again)

Oh new shoes. You so crazy. 

Common Projects are my favourite shoe brand 4lyf


Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2009

She Said What?

Marc Jacobs on critics:

"You are dealing with a whole lot of highly sensitive people who [will react] depending on their mood and how they’re feeling that day or what they did or didn’t eat for lunch. I have no problem going on record with this and probably have gone on record with this before, there aren’t that many people who I respect. There just aren’t. I think journalists have the right to their opinions but I think their opinions should be based on history and what they see, not what they feel, how long they’ve been waiting or whether it’s raining or it’s snowing or whatever."

Grrr. He's kinda right but I think disparaging of journalists and the work that they do. Jacobs has been bitten by journalists before so I can understand why he'd say this. Back in 2007 Jacobs' spring/summer 2008 show started a whopping 2 hours late. Journalist Suzy Menkes wasn't happy and she verbally took a dump on the collection.

The entire event was a parody of fashion now: the inexcusably late start as the 9 p.m. show began at 11 p.m.; the mobs of paparazzi snapping anyone half-known on the big or small screen; invitees treating the show like the ultimate party, although the whistles and roars turned to a whimper by the end. And in Jacobs’s Alice in Wonderland world, the end was at the beginning, as the designer ran out whooping while the parade of models marched in reverse order down the catwalk. (Martin Margiela first did this more than a decade ago).

Bitchy right?

Stefano Pilati on bloggers:

“I pay attention to all of them and I’m very scared … because who are these people? I would like to sit with them and ask them where they come from. Because it’s very easy to judge from your bed. At the same time, I’m fascinated. I’m fascinated by this era and this medium. If people are thirsty about fashion, I like to have a dialogue, but now it’s not a two-way dialogue; it’s a one-way dialogue.”

Stefano, babes, hit me up. Coffee? Dinner? Raunchy Manhunt hook-up? If he wants to sit with me and chat about fashion then I'm wide every sense of the word. Bloggers aren't scary. I mean, I've posted some rather choice words about collections and I've posted images of myself that may cause grown men to scream but it's mostly in jest. I'm not intentionally scary. Not like this bitch...