Rainy Day Freak

It's winter in Australia and despite common belief it is not balmy hot weather all year round. It's raining, windy and cold so today I'm staying in which means amazing Vogue shoot starring me.

So I'm part of an 80's dance group The Real Hot Bitches and one of the bitches found these cool animal costumes/pyjamas and was like let's do a bulk order and I was like okay I need some kawaii glitter in my life. Behold....


Cute right? Not creepy at all. Everyone in the troupe got one and there's heaps to choose from. Flying squirrel, unicorn, ladybird. Get them here if you have no shame.

Not only are they super comfy but they're so versatile. Perhaps wear it out for a romantic dinner for two....

It's raspberry cordial I swear on McQueen's grave

My date still hasn't arrived!? Continue laughing to self.

OR....Important business meetings...

Business meeting pen I got from Tokyo. His name is Mameshiba.

These are my new shoes I got from Revolve Clothing. They're by Swear. I never want to wear them outside my house because they're perfect. 


Obvs they're meant for feet but they make great hand puppets too. Happy Socks are the best socks in the world. Check them out here


Jenn Fink said...

So high fash, fo' serials.
Straight off the frog-walk.

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