Kate Middleton's Dress: Get the look for less

I know it's a little late to be blogging about the royal wedding and you've no doubt seen truckloads of images already so I'll just post my favourite one.

I could shed a tear if I still had a heart. 

It's so fairytale but not like Katie Price fairytale..

That cake looks like a giant melted tampon. If tampons could melt. Which I'm pretty sure they would in Katie's sweet sugar tunnel. Aaaand I went too far. 

BUT YEAH....more like this...

So I bet by now you're sobbing and blowing snot into your snuggie and wailing why can't it be me?

Seriously, skip to 1.45 for movie magic. One of my all time favourite films.


I thought-being so fashion myself- that I'd give you some tips on how to get the Kate Middleton look for casual everyday elegance without breaking the budget.

All of the items for this look cost less than $10. Crazy right? 
It's very simple to translate Kate's wedding look into an easy yet elegant look. You could wear something like this on a date at Chili's or maybe even Outback Steakhouse. First you should find something in lace because that featured heavily on Kate's dress but because you want to be able to move around easily you should go with something sleeveless like a halter top. If you can't find a lace top then I'd suggest you find a dress that has lace in it, perhaps some side inserts or a fancy trim. Whether you choose a dress or a skirt is up to you but make sure it's super short. Kate's dress and train was very beautiful but can she pump gas in it? I rest my case. 

Shoes are v v important. They need to be huge, tall, magnificent. Avoid lucite heels because you don't want people to mistake you for an exotic dancer or a lady of the night. 

And top off the look with a sleek hair clip. These can be found at most chemists for only a few dollars. 

With this look it'll only be a matter of time before Prince Charming comes knocking on your door


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