I am so 1999

I've been wanting a new fragrance for a long time. I currently only have two (Higher by Dior and Kenzo Air) and they're both sporty so I wanted something a little more...romantic? Something less zesty? I'm not a fragrance freak who's all the top notes are too cloying or it's too synthetic. What the fuck are you talking about you perfumista cunt? I'm just jelly that I don't have a nose for fragrance and I'm completely unadventurous when it comes to wearing them. I like to forget that I'm wearing a fragrance. If I can smell it without having to put my wrist to my nose then I'm wearing too much and it annoys me no matter how nice it smells.

I recently went to David Jones to have a look around coz I had a voucher. For those not familiar, David Jones think they're the Harrods or Bergdorf of Australia.

It's funny when you enter the fragrance section of their store because virtually every staff member approaches you to ask if you need help. Compare that with any other department and they could give a shit and are completely unwilling to help. But that's the fragrance section, they don't give a shit either, they just think you're gonna steal something. I'm pretty sure that's sales assistant 101 training. People are less likely to steal if you make their presence known.
That's what I hate most about shopping is the sales assistants. As soon as they say hi it's like ugggh I need to leave now. I just can't browse comfortably and I feel suddenly rushed which is the last thing I want to do with fragrances because finding a new scent isn't easy. And it's because they're watching you from a distance waiting for you to swipe a bottle of Angel. As if!
I looked around for probably less than 5 minutes and smelled a few scents. Burberry Sport, The Beat, something from Kenzo (a sales assistant told me her boyfriend and her Dad or Brother or some other guy have that exact scent. Creepy! Get away from me you mad bitch), Marc Jacobs Bang which in real life has a really cheap feeling decanter. I felt disappointed and started to leave when I saw YSL had their own separate counter from the other stuff and if I haven't professed my love for YSL before then I'll do it now.

This is what happens after I see a YSL collection...

I have that same navy skirtsuit too. Embarrassment.

Below is the Spring 2011 video with Arizona Muse. Adore her if you've got a spare 4 minutes.

I saw L'Homme and initially found it a bit screechy but I sprayed some on my wrist and went to work. For the whole shift I was smelling my wrist and deciding if I liked it. I did so I bought it the next day. The bottle is quite smart too.

So that's the bottle sitting atop Pilot magazine's latest issue. It's quite good though I found it a bit too lifestyle-ish. Needs more fashion. 

If you look up perfume reviews of L'Homme they're not very positive. Boring, unadventurous, yawn but I love it because it's easy to wear which is why so many perfumistas dislike it. One person said it should've been released in 1999 and I'm like fuck yeah 1999 was a grenade of fabulous...

Hrmph, maybs 1999 wasn't such a good year

Aphex Twin with one of the scariest videos ever made. 

Vitamin C. lol

Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 1999


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