Mugler. Sizzle and Fizzle

I'm still coming to terms with this collection. On the one hand I'm thinking you replaced Thierry Mugler? And then I think the collection is a total mess but on the other hand if I don't take it all so seriously then I'm okay with most of it.
I don't have any emotional ties to the creator of the house and I'm not familiar with his collections. I know his work but only the most widely photographed pieces like the bird of paradise dress or the motorcycle bustiers that wound up in a George Michael video. The major takeaway from Mugler's work is that it's sexually charged, masterfully tailored and also incredibly imaginative.

Nicolas Formichetti-a stylist by trade- is the creative director which is kinda like saying I'm not really a designer so if you hate my clothes then fine, I never claimed to be a designer in the first place. For a first effort though it was good only it lacked imagination and was too now. The outfits in blue were my favourite but I'm a sucker for blue.


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