Kanye wears Céline. I die inside

It's not like, Kanye you're a dude you can't wear Céline. I could give a fuck. It's the fact that it's a fashion shout out like Phoebe Philo I respect you because I'm in the fashion game too.

Uggggh, he infuriates me because he tries too hard but acts nonchalant and shit.

I could be completely wrong too. Maybe Phoebe Philo sent it to him as a gift for name dropping her on his song Dark Fantasy.

Anyway, time to pull out my Bon Qui Qui gif

Almost forgot to add Lauryn Hill in Jil Sander. 


chuck n. said...

lulz, you make me laugh! i guess life is easy when you're in the fash-pack (yes, i know i've already referenced that) everything is a bloody statement. his shirt looks dirty though.

bonquiqui's got that shit on lock, she'll give it to him straight

hahahaha, i'm fucking squealing to the "werq" gif, hihihihi

Sheree Milli said...

Just found your blog. WERQ! x

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