Apartment Rave

Yup. Looks like I've been home alone drinking goon (boxed/cask wine for my non-Australian drinkers or for those that have any self respect).

Would you be super embarrassed for me if I said I wasn't drunk when I took these shots?

So Tom Ford fragrance ad campaign right?

My amazing 90's anorak with suede-feel sleeve inserts is back for winter! As you can tell by the wrinkles it's been lovingly dumped in my wardrobe all summer. So about this backpack....

Amazing riiiiiiiiight?

I picked it up at a thrift store months ago and was like, you will be mine. I just don't know where I'm going to wear it. Perhaps on my way to the office in 1997? I'd be wearing Adidas runners and would keep tan court shoes in the bag for when I get to work like this bitch...

Mmmm hmmmm
Photo credit: http://seeminglyobscureculturalobservations.blogspot.com/

The reason I'm pantsless is not because I think I've got great pins but because I've hit a clothes crisis. Each new season I try to be all new trends, new look, new clothes, new, new, new and that’s about as far as I go. You may have noticed I’m not Anna Della Russo who has 3 outfit changes per day. PER DAY! I have like 3 per week. Fashion in the No Trends household has recently/a very long time ago ground to a halt. No new clothes have entered my domain and my wardrobe is looking bleaksville, population moi. This is in part due to my recent holiday in South America-which bled me dry- and my general unwillingness to go shopping. But I just scored a shopping voucher from work and I think I'm gonna have a credit card binge and do some online shopping. New shoes, new jeans, bag, watch. Everything. So excitement. 

Never thought I'd have an opportunity to use this raving chicken gif but fuck me in the ass I have. What a world!


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