And bon voyage Christophe

Christophe Decarnin has stepped down or was fired as head designer of Balmain. Initially it was thought he left due to depression but apparently he clashed with his boss over the direction of the brand.

It is thought that stylist Melanie Ward will step in as his replacement so very little will change which is fitting considering the tried and true formula of the brand. Skinny pant + military jacket + torn t-shirt = Balmain.

Fall 2011, his final collection
Maybe he could take over at Cacharel. Or Dior. Oh the options. He should probs take some meds and chill out for a bit though.

So as a tribute to Decarnin's fine work I've done a little retrospective of his sluttiest dresses from all of his collections. And as a little fashion brain teaser I've put in one look that isn't by Decarnin. See if you can spot it.


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