The Yung Gun in Lun Dun

You'll have to excuse my bollocky photoshop skills. I have a feeling it's somehow making the models look skinnier than they are. Except for the fat bitch on the far left. lol jk. No but srsly. 

This is the work of Thomas Tait. Here's what you need to know: He's under 25, Canadian, a Central Saint Martins graduate, looks like a sibling of Gareth Pugh and designs very smart, intriguing clothes. I believe this is only his second collection. The clothes look very controlled and I get a very mysterious element from the looks. Like perhaps these women aren't really human, they're maybe from a very distant super exclusive planet like Kim Basinger in My Stepmother Is An Alien. I fucking loved that movie. I like when she sucks the batteries and cooks all that food. I'm like, ugggg, why can't my mum be an alien too then I wouldn't have to eat Rice Risotto ever again. 
1988 was a good year for fashion. Who matches their dress with their hat and gloves these days? No one. And you wish you could wear black opaques with a mini and not look like a total slut.
Chinese flavour? WTF!!! Not cool Rice Risotto. Not cool.


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