Who is Steven Alan and why don't I have a pair of floral pants?

About 4 months ago my friend Nick was talking about how he was really into a camping/tramping/hiking look. He got these cool toffee leather boots and started wearing earth tone slacks. Egad! This bitch can't be serious. Will he be abseiling to art galleries now?
So naturally I died when I saw Steven Alan's fall collection which featured-you guessed it-camping/tramping/hiking looks. Nick is the Nostramadamus of men's fashion whereas I liken myself to the Helena Bonham Carter school of thought which is a round about way of saying I have no fucking clue about fashion.

So who is Steven Alan and why are his clothes so awesome?!

The floral pants!!! The red velvet double skirt and jacket!!! The blanket straight skirt. Ughhhhhrrrrmmlaaa!!!! 


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