That Dress

Lol, look at that little dumpling! Isn't he cute?

So Michelle and Barack met Hu Jintao for a state dinner and it was a pretty big deal. Michelle wore Alexander McQueen and she looked amazing, statuesque, powerful, radiant and the press just ate that look up and then the CFDA decide to bring the party down saying Michelle should’ve worn something by an American designer.
The CFDA can go fuck themselves ragging on Mobes, especially Diane Von Furstenberg. The only reason she’s said this is because she wants press coverage of an American dress (preferably one of hers) on Michelle’s back. Instant press coverage to 1.3 billion people.
And recently DVF was quoted as saying “I woke up in January of this year and my New Year’s resolution was to get known in China” and “I’d like to sell every Chinese a T-shirt.”
Bitch you need to sit your bony ass down and shut the fuck up. Dude, she’s Michelle Obama. She can wear whatever she wants. Perhaps instead of designing knock-off outfits you should design knock-out outfits like Sarah Burton has done at McQueen.
Srsly tho, why u mad?

Evil has a new face. Mu ha ha


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