Sorry bunch of swagger jackers, I mothered these Rodarte hoes

I found that when I looked at Rodarte's fall collection as a whole I didn't really like it. Once I broke down the looks however I loved it. So that's what I did with the images above, I separated them into sections focussing on their daywear. They've moved on from their cobweb knits, the J-horror, the dark alleys of Juarez and moved somewhere more delicate and pure. It's very, hmm, rural? It got a bit Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, go chop some firewood and a little I do declare! but as I say, break it down and there's some beautiful daywear. The slim cut high waist pant, the jumpsuit, a robust knit jumper. They're a nice continuation of last season's looks and a great step forward for the Mulleavy sisters proving that ideas needn't be compromised for wearability. 

Let's grind wheat!


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