Meanwhile in Paris...

Last night John Galliano was gettin his booze on in Paris bar La Perle and got into a verbal argument with a couple who may have mistook him for a hobo. I don't know how drunk this fucking couple were because Galliano's hobo look is so costumey he looks like he just strolled off a Broadway production of Oliver. And he was drinking at La Perle! Real hobos drink in the gutter and wear Mizuno tracksuit pants not silk chiffon pirate shirts and custom made newsboy caps. 
Allegedly J-Gal was trying to have a toast with the couple who weren't having a bar of his homo-hobo pleasantries and they started hurling insults. They apparently called him ugly and disgusting!!! Now whether or not that's the case; if you're going to take on a drunk fag in a bar you best have some verbal artillery in your purse coz bitch will cut you down. Not skipping a beat Galliano shot back "you're ugly and your bag is fucking ugly too". 

The couple called the cops and claim Galliano made anti-Semitic and racist slurs at them which Galliano denies. And now the head of Dior has suspended Galliano of his duties until the matter is cleared up. 

Arrgh, so many questions John!!! In no particular order:

1- You were aparently in the bar with just your bodyguard. Do you have a drinking problem? You have a ready to wear collection to show in a week. What are you doing out drinking anyway? 

2- Is your bodyguard hot? Are you fucking your bodyguard?

3-  Just how fucking ugly was this bag? Was it last season ugly or was it Guess bag ugly?

Let's pour some Mean Girls on it shall we?

And if this shit should go to court then his defence should be this


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