Mary Katrantzou's Porcelain Babes

London fashion week is done and dusted. I'm gonna try and bang out a few more posts this evening. Milan has already begun with Gucci. Frida Giannini has predictably done the 70's yet again. It's nice I guess but it's like c'mon gurl get creative.

They say lightning never strikes twice but Mary Katrantzou has done it again for fall. This time the Home & Garden magazine interiors have gone from her spring collection and things are decidedly more bourgeois this time around. The structure and printing techniques are still there but wisely Katrantzou has added some flowing bias cut maxi dresses to show that not everything she designs has to be a flat billboard for photoshop printing wizardry.
My favourite piece is the curved corset with a print of a porcelain dish in the centre. It actually looks like the model stomach is a mini-oven and you could just reach in there and take the dish out.


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