Christchurch Earthquake

No, this is not a fashion post but I don't feel like I can keep blogging atm about hem lines and what not until I post something on the devastating earthquake that struck Christchurch New Zealand on 22/03 (it's where I grew up). It measured 6.3 on the Richter scale. Currently there are 76 dead, 238 missing and 140 trapped in rubble and collapsed buildings.
Both my parents work in Christchurch and thankfully they're fine. My mum was returning to work from her lunch break when it hit. She said store windows were breaking, a power pole fell 1 foot away from her and a woman walking in front of her fell and broke her leg.

Sadly there are many people still trapped. I was happy to read that earthquake specialists, search and rescue teams and doctors from around the world are flying to Christchurch to help. Japan, England, Taiwan, Singapore and the US.


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