And So It Begins...NY Fashion Week Fall 2011. Z-Spoke by Zac Posen

Blood sucking hotties in search of fashion victims. Hotties. Lol

NY Fashion Week has begun. I'd say by tomorrow I'll be knee-deep in collections and come Saturday I will have drowned. There is just so much to look at these days.

It’s been a long time since Zac Posen has designed a collection that hits the mark and I often wonder why he’s been flailing for the past few seasons. It’s not like he’s some geriatric 5th Avenue designer who’s out of touch yet so many of his latest collections have felt that way. Did you see the debut of Z-spoke last season? It was a style grenade. When he moved his main line to Paris last season he said something to the effect that Americans don’t get his style. Yeah, that didn’t help coz it was like no, your clothes are just really shit.
So I was shocked and delighted to see his latest effort for fall. It’s like sexy business wear for young vampire professionals. There were no vomit prints, no excessive ruffles or any of that old Hollywood bullshit that he’s done so awfully in the past. It had whiffs (I say whiffs. He’s not a fucking genius) of Ford and Saint Laurent but was current and to the point like, say, Theyskens Theory or Esteban Cortazar for Exito.
This is a great start to fashion week.


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