Fun Fashion Fact: British people love prints

Above centre: Erdem. Above left and right: Basso and Brooke.

Above: Jonathan Saunders

Above: Holly Fulton

Above: Louise Gray

British people love many things. Crisps, Kylie Minogue, a jolly good rogering, tabloid newspapers, fog. The list goes on. When it comes to fashion there's one thing they can't seem to get enough of: prints. Big, loud, eye-fucking prints. It's not like fashion designers from other countries don't do prints but no one does them quite like the Brits. They're batshit bonkers for them.

Oh and another thing Brits love. Custard.

A blemish free show at wait...A spotless show at Acne...oh here's another...clean and clear for Acne

I loved this collection. I wasn't too hot on the leather jackets with the hem skimming belts. They somehow remind me of Lady Gaga who in turn reminds me of an 80's transgendered leather bitch. Not terrible, just not my cup of tea.
The shoes are beyond perfection. I love the nana socks too. Those silver brogues or whatever will somehow be mine....and somehow come in a men's size 10.

The Yung Gun in Lun Dun

You'll have to excuse my bollocky photoshop skills. I have a feeling it's somehow making the models look skinnier than they are. Except for the fat bitch on the far left. lol jk. No but srsly. 

This is the work of Thomas Tait. Here's what you need to know: He's under 25, Canadian, a Central Saint Martins graduate, looks like a sibling of Gareth Pugh and designs very smart, intriguing clothes. I believe this is only his second collection. The clothes look very controlled and I get a very mysterious element from the looks. Like perhaps these women aren't really human, they're maybe from a very distant super exclusive planet like Kim Basinger in My Stepmother Is An Alien. I fucking loved that movie. I like when she sucks the batteries and cooks all that food. I'm like, ugggg, why can't my mum be an alien too then I wouldn't have to eat Rice Risotto ever again. 
1988 was a good year for fashion. Who matches their dress with their hat and gloves these days? No one. And you wish you could wear black opaques with a mini and not look like a total slut.
Chinese flavour? WTF!!! Not cool Rice Risotto. Not cool.

Meanwhile in Paris...

Last night John Galliano was gettin his booze on in Paris bar La Perle and got into a verbal argument with a couple who may have mistook him for a hobo. I don't know how drunk this fucking couple were because Galliano's hobo look is so costumey he looks like he just strolled off a Broadway production of Oliver. And he was drinking at La Perle! Real hobos drink in the gutter and wear Mizuno tracksuit pants not silk chiffon pirate shirts and custom made newsboy caps. 
Allegedly J-Gal was trying to have a toast with the couple who weren't having a bar of his homo-hobo pleasantries and they started hurling insults. They apparently called him ugly and disgusting!!! Now whether or not that's the case; if you're going to take on a drunk fag in a bar you best have some verbal artillery in your purse coz bitch will cut you down. Not skipping a beat Galliano shot back "you're ugly and your bag is fucking ugly too". 

The couple called the cops and claim Galliano made anti-Semitic and racist slurs at them which Galliano denies. And now the head of Dior has suspended Galliano of his duties until the matter is cleared up. 

Arrgh, so many questions John!!! In no particular order:

1- You were aparently in the bar with just your bodyguard. Do you have a drinking problem? You have a ready to wear collection to show in a week. What are you doing out drinking anyway? 

2- Is your bodyguard hot? Are you fucking your bodyguard?

3-  Just how fucking ugly was this bag? Was it last season ugly or was it Guess bag ugly?

Let's pour some Mean Girls on it shall we?

And if this shit should go to court then his defence should be this

Mary Katrantzou's Porcelain Babes

London fashion week is done and dusted. I'm gonna try and bang out a few more posts this evening. Milan has already begun with Gucci. Frida Giannini has predictably done the 70's yet again. It's nice I guess but it's like c'mon gurl get creative.

They say lightning never strikes twice but Mary Katrantzou has done it again for fall. This time the Home & Garden magazine interiors have gone from her spring collection and things are decidedly more bourgeois this time around. The structure and printing techniques are still there but wisely Katrantzou has added some flowing bias cut maxi dresses to show that not everything she designs has to be a flat billboard for photoshop printing wizardry.
My favourite piece is the curved corset with a print of a porcelain dish in the centre. It actually looks like the model stomach is a mini-oven and you could just reach in there and take the dish out.

Ya, I'm much totes jello

That's my friend Miranda subtly reminding me she was in London for fashion week. I asked if she stole locks of their hair and I'm waiting for a response. 

Christchurch Earthquake

No, this is not a fashion post but I don't feel like I can keep blogging atm about hem lines and what not until I post something on the devastating earthquake that struck Christchurch New Zealand on 22/03 (it's where I grew up). It measured 6.3 on the Richter scale. Currently there are 76 dead, 238 missing and 140 trapped in rubble and collapsed buildings.
Both my parents work in Christchurch and thankfully they're fine. My mum was returning to work from her lunch break when it hit. She said store windows were breaking, a power pole fell 1 foot away from her and a woman walking in front of her fell and broke her leg.

Sadly there are many people still trapped. I was happy to read that earthquake specialists, search and rescue teams and doctors from around the world are flying to Christchurch to help. Japan, England, Taiwan, Singapore and the US.


Marc Jacobs' fall collection featured these cool acorn hats. I want all of them. As for the rest of the clothes? Who cares. Latex cut to look like sequins (a collaboration with House Of Harlot), polka dots, lace. idgaf. I want acorn hats

Sorry bunch of swagger jackers, I mothered these Rodarte hoes

I found that when I looked at Rodarte's fall collection as a whole I didn't really like it. Once I broke down the looks however I loved it. So that's what I did with the images above, I separated them into sections focussing on their daywear. They've moved on from their cobweb knits, the J-horror, the dark alleys of Juarez and moved somewhere more delicate and pure. It's very, hmm, rural? It got a bit Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, go chop some firewood and a little I do declare! but as I say, break it down and there's some beautiful daywear. The slim cut high waist pant, the jumpsuit, a robust knit jumper. They're a nice continuation of last season's looks and a great step forward for the Mulleavy sisters proving that ideas needn't be compromised for wearability. 

Let's grind wheat!

Pendleton Schouler. No wait, that's not right.

Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez have been on a winning streak for the past few seasons with their label Proenza Schouler. Last season it was tweed and experimental guipure lace but for fall they've taken a less frenetic approach and created something that feels more genuine than their previous collections.

Abstract Native American blanket prints appeared throughout the collection and a folding motif gave a relaxed feel to dresses and skirts. The show closed with dresses that had what looked like velvet squares bonded to silk chiffon. I wasn't crazy about those pieces but they added another textural element to the collection.

If you loved this collection but can't afford the hefty price tag I suggest you take a look at Pendleton to add some native American prints to your wardrobe.
Above: The Pendleton Dopp bag. A very reasonable $44

Theyskens' Theory Fall 2011

Love Olivier Theyskens. The look at far left is perfect. The little grey dress with the parka with the knee-highs. Uggggh. The centre look is great too. I think big long flowy coats will be one of next season's best sellers. And hello red trousers with oversized grunge shirt. Be mine. 

Candied Wang

Woolly jumper with marshmallow twirl sleeves. Om nom.

I enjoy the humour in his work. I may have said that before. The shoes with the metallic leather flaps at the back looked like mud-guards. I mean, what the fudge? They’re pointless but I want them. Also pointless? Those fur sunglasses. Yes fur sunglasses. In the same sentence. Like amaze and bomb in the same sentence, they shouldn’t go together but they do.

The needle punched fabrics were interesting. I haven’t seen this type of fabric technique since Prada’s fall 2007. It gives an eerily organic look to the clothes like they’ve been genetically mutated and fused together.

Above: Prada fall 2007 collection featured mad bitch fabrics such as needle punching and treated mohair

About that suede sports coat....

Yeah so a few posts back I mentioned how, and I believe my exact words were you fucking wish you owned a suede sports coat. Well now you can. Thanks a whole bunch Wayne Lee.

Below The Knee Is Where It's At

Top from left: Altuzarra, I can't remember!!!, BCBG Max Azria
Above from left: Prabal Gurung, United Bamboo, Victoria Beckham

This is the new skirt/dress length I've been yammering on about. Pair with knee high boots for that perfect late 60's Lou Lou de la Falaise chilling with Yves Saint Laurent and Betty Catroux look.

From left: Betty Catroux, Yves Saint Laurent, Lou Lou de la Falaise. 1969.

Ruffian Fall 2011. I'm going to have to stop you right there...

I know I post a lot of gifs like a 12 year old Tumblr virgin but honestly you guys I need to bust this one out

Ruffian designers Claude Morais and Brian Wolk, I love the 80's too. Like, I love the 80's real bad but spaghetti straps? Bitches please. And just so you all don't think I'm an epic armchair critic cunt I will post something that I liked from the collection. 

I'm kidding. That's a screen-grab from Romy and Michele's Highschool Reunion. 

This lace dress is beautiful. I love the sleeve detail and the hem. You'll also notice how they've layered and cut the centre-front. It curves inwards creating a slimming, skinny bitch effect. 

Doo Ri Chung knocks em dead

With some designers work I'm kinda like ok whatever that's nice but it's not impressive. That's how I've felt about Doo Ri up until now. For fall Ms Chung showed a long, lean silhouette sticking to grey, black and midnight blue. The grey sleeveless coat in the top image is perfection with the draped top and cuffs. It's just so cool. The image below left has the new skirt length that I may never stop blogging about this season. It's 70's, it's amazing and several designers have already shown their own version. This collection is going to push Doo Ri up into the cool kids camp along with Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler. And can I just say how strong New York has been so far?! This is becoming a really impressive season. Go New York!!!


Jeremy Laing fall 2011 moon print dress. It's one of those I coulda done that moments. Well you didn't do it, Jeremy Laing did. 

Perhaps wear them with moon boots like Carmen Kass

Who is Steven Alan and why don't I have a pair of floral pants?

About 4 months ago my friend Nick was talking about how he was really into a camping/tramping/hiking look. He got these cool toffee leather boots and started wearing earth tone slacks. Egad! This bitch can't be serious. Will he be abseiling to art galleries now?
So naturally I died when I saw Steven Alan's fall collection which featured-you guessed it-camping/tramping/hiking looks. Nick is the Nostramadamus of men's fashion whereas I liken myself to the Helena Bonham Carter school of thought which is a round about way of saying I have no fucking clue about fashion.

So who is Steven Alan and why are his clothes so awesome?!

The floral pants!!! The red velvet double skirt and jacket!!! The blanket straight skirt. Ughhhhhrrrrmmlaaa!!!!