Style Dossier: Victoria Beckham

“I do often look like a miserable bitch in photographs, but you have to have a tough side.”- Victoria Beckham

Don't judge or throw me shade on this one. You're probably thinking fuck this bitch, there are so many more beautiful women to do a dossier on but I felt VB makes for an interesting subject. Mostly because she yo-yo's from smart and chic to epic fashion beast squishing-at times a too thin frame-into bite sized dresses.
One minute it's skinny jeans and a Birkin but the next it's cat flashing skin-tight dresses and monster He-Man heels.
Pre-spice. Nice earrings
Tasteful portfolio shots are the epitome of grace and elegance.

When she first hit the spotlight in 1996 with the Spice Girls she was dubbed Posh Spice which is yeah, ironic. At first she mostly stuck to simple black dresses to really hammer away that she was sophisticated. Looking back I'm not entirely convinced.
Spice up ur motherfuckin life!

Buh-bye 90's, hello 00's
I used to have that same dress!!! How embarry.

I'm like, so fashion right now. I'm MAY-JAH.
ABOVE: This is kinda her fashion phase where she started becoming a front row fixture at runway shows and appeared in ad campaigns for Armani and Marc Jacobs. Then of course she started her own line of restrained, pared down dresses which are apparently quite popular.

Most recent shot of Posh with her totes adorbz kids and dashing husband.

My major criticism (if I were to have only one) is that she never looks relaxed or natural. Her outfit choices always look overdone, laboured and too precise. She never looks like she just rolled out of bed and threw on  a slanket you know? I just wanna say bitch chill the fudge out. Wear a polar fleece vest like a normal mum. 



Also, I just want to wish you all a happy new year plus a big thank you for following and reading my blog. And if you have a blog that I follow I say a big thank you for providing me with endless hours of laughs, fashion reviews, insights and your own view on what fashion is. Now I'm getting all weepy and shit.


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