So Michael Kors, that delectable honey-glazed ham had this to say about Pre-fall:

"All you writers in the room need to come up with a new word. 'Pre' [as in pre-fall] is disgusting." He continued: "Everyone knows now that resort is important, but because the name 'pre-fall' is so ugly, no one wants to acknowledge that these are the clothes you actually put in your closet.” (For the full article head to Fashionologie bitches).

Do those succulent lips speak the truth? Possibly. So I gots to thinkin about 'pre' words both good and gross.



Yup, sounds totes unappealing. I Google image searched and decided against putting a drippy cock on my ultra-chic blog because I have class. Instead, why not read a book about this highly covert male act...

You can buy the book here. I suggest you all buy it. 

Pre-menstrual shedding

Wow. Just wow. You couldn't sell that to me even if it tasted like jizz royal queen bee jelly. 

And now I'm sold. I'll take all of them. 

Pre-nuptial agreement. What holy water is to vampires, a pre-nup is death for gold-diggers. 

 Rest in sweet pillowy heaven Anna bb gurl


Premarital sex

If there's one thing you have to do in life it's shaming your family. Why not do it the traditional way? 

Or better yet, have sex with Neve Campbell. How embarry!

Primadona- just roll with me on this one

Pre-op tranny.

This is the best type of tranny. They're fierce, wily and they will cut you. Pictured above is the ever-radiant Brooke Hogan. Not an actual tranny but I beg to differ. You know that moment when you're just casually shopping or whatevs and a fragrant wild flower such as Brooke sways past you and it's like, your dick is bigger than mine dude. 
(Jane, if you're reading this, remember that tranny at fashion school with that braided whip of a ponytail?)

OK so got a little WAAAAAAAY off topic and I hear you all asking 'but Nigel, what do you think they should change pre-fall to?' Why that's easy: Post-summer


Michele said...

Hahah love this! Especially the pictures:P

jane said...

hahaha of course I remember her - one of the highlights of our year.

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